Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It is about time!!

I wanted to get back to my blogging, not actually a New Years resolution, since I always break those pretty quickly...but at least try to keep up better after the new year. So here it is the 5th, so I am not too far behind. I am not feeling well, along with all my regular issues, I have a cold or something, you know, the nose, throat, coughing, sneezing, blah stuff.

We did get started on our diet on the first, a better way of eating, a change in our eating habits. I am trying to quit the soda and cut out the sugar in the tea. I know how to eat is just doing it that is hard. I am going to see a dietitian in the morning to help me out and keep me accountable on my weight loss.

Hoping to find me a small dog, Greg isn't too happy about it, but I kinda need someone to spend my days at home with. Yes, I do enjoy the quiet, but I am talking to myself a lot more and at least if you have a pet around it is not quite so embarrassing to be answering yourself also! hehe

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