Friday, January 7, 2011

Alex is 9 today!

My man, Alex is 9 today! He is not the only one getting older 'round here! I am still sick, went to the dr yesterday, said it is a virus, almost tonsillitis but IF I GET WORSE, come back for an antibiotic......excuse me! Was suppose to go get Michael today for his weekend home visit, but Mother and Dad are going to go pick him up instead.

I took Alex to pick out his own birthday gift last night, a new bike, his is too small now. Greg was going to go but he had to work in Harrison which made him later getting home. We went to Walmart and could not get anyone to help get a bike down, so I just helped myself and decided if I made the whole thing fall down, who cares? I liked the red one better and it was a 20", but he liked the green/white one which was an 18", when we got it home his parents decided he should indeed get the bigger one and will take it back and make the exchange this evening. Alex and I went to Taco Bell (his choice) to eat after our shopping (which also included a new helmet for the new bike...), I told him we were on a date and he said to me "technically, we are not on a date since we are not kissing" ok then!!!

The dr also said I need carpal tunnel surgery in both wrist, but the right one is way worse. The ortho office at Tahlequah decide who should get their surgery done and as I was told "mine is not top priority I will have to wait in line".....what the....ok so the care is free to me, but that doesn't mean my right hand feels any better over it! It hurts bad sometimes and is numb quite often....oh well, maybe someday they will have time for my surgery.

I am also seeing a dietitian who is helping with my diet changes and weight loss, and I will check in with her every 2 weeks so it will give me someone to be accountable to and I really like her, a young woman with a great sense of humor and you know that works well with me.

Thoughts to ponder: our peace, our soundness(I know you already question mine) of mind, our joy depend on what you believe and whom you believe. If what you believe does not agree with God's Word then it is a lie. Choose to believe God!!

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