Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is it cold or what?

Are you serious? Do we live in Alaska or something? This 0 temp is freezing even for me!!! Thank you Lord for my warm home and clothes on my back. I am finally feeling better, still some sinus stuff going on, but so much better.

So on my mind and my heart is the pamplet the church gave out for us to do everyday this week called Consecrate the people. Sunday was - call a sacred assembly; Monday was - prepare yourself, consecrate means to make clean, to purify or to set apart from the common, rofane or unholy. Tuesday was - return to your first love(Christ that is), Wednesday was - remove the idols in your heart, and today is humble yourself and put away pride. Now all of them have made me consider what I need to change or go back to, as I know in all honesty that I have been closer to God at other times in my life than I am right now. And I know He hasn't moved either way, but I have. So I am a bit sad in my realization of this. Then one of the things on the list of evidence that you may have pride is argumentative, now I don't think I have a problem with this, but I have never thought about a person that is like this does have too much pride...I guess in the fact that you think you do no wrong you are always right? Anyway, I have way too many defects in myself that I must work on to be more like Christ! Pride, arrogant, haughty....consecrate yourself by returning to your first love.

Greg and I played WII bowling on Monday night and I beat him 2 games. Then we had our bowling night Tuesday night and I beat him one game in real bowling! Oops, yes I am boasting even though I just wrote all that pride stuff!!! But it doesn't happen too often and I am pretty sure as in lots of areas (such as alcoholic drinks, food, sports, etc) just a little is not bad, but when you over indulge in them!

The diet, no I mean the better way of eating, is going great! We did have a pizza SUnday night and I had 2 cans of dr pepper, but we got the smaller pizza and did not eat so much and there was none left to tempt me with the next day....YEA! But I have not had a soda since Sunday night and my goal was set right now at only one a day so thank you Lord I am doing it! It helps in my head to know I have to go weigh at my dietitians office every 2 weeks also!!! I really like her, and we laugh a lot, at me and with me.

I am getting rather excited that Sunday will be our first day at Cross Church Fayetteville, as it will be the first meeting in the new church they have branched out this way. I like the Springdale church, but not the drive there. Pastor Ronnie is a great preacher and I really enjoy Pastor Nick also, as he will be the pastor of the Fay. church. We are planning on joining the church on Sunday! It has been terrible not belonging to a church family and having trouble finding one that fits. I don't feel I will ever want to be a part of my old home church again, I have some very loved, old friends there that I will cherish forever though.

Trinity called last night and sold me some girl scout cookies. Now, why do they sell them right after the first of the new year and mess with everyone's diet??? lol I ordered a bunch from my big girl, but they are going to be rationed over the months.....

Just another thought: when we are set free from the bondage of pleasing others we will not be so miserable and dissatisfied(must be a word cause my spell check didn't light up). If we know we have pleased God, then we will be content. Galations 1:10 For I am not seeking the favor of men.....

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