Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Deep in thought....

First, on my heart is Mari and her family. She is Heather's best friend and is having a very trying time in her life right now and really needs to be lifted up in our prayers.

Secondly, I just read Sandy's blog and I am deep in thought about this book she is reading, and the thought...what would you do if you knew you only had 30 days to live? God would get a lot more time and attention for sure!! Then I would spend more time with my kids and my grandchildren making some great memories for them to have of our time together. And more time with my parents and other family members also. I for sure would not care about how fat I am and my diet! or my lack of exercise! or if my house was spotless (well there would be a little throwing some things away so my husband and kids would not have to)! or keeping up with the Jones' would not be on my to do is really not on my list at all anyway, for I don't care about all that stuff too much anymore already. Lord Jesus, help me get my priorities in order without finding I am on my death bed.

And even before all this talk of death, I had an appointment with our attorney(first time in my life to actually say that we have one)lol to get a trust set up for us and our will. I did not know it would be so much work!

But no matter what we are going thru or what is going on around us, we may not be "happy" BUT we can always have "joy" in our heart if we truly draw close to God and live by the Spirit. God's Word assures us of that!

So today I wander, what is on top of your priority list?


  1. Testing to see if I can post....

    Thank you for the beautiful birthday card.