Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My computer virus!

Ok, so, I can't do anything on my computer because it says every file has a this morning I call Dr. Brian and he tells me a couple things to try and if I can't do it he will come over tonight after work, and after he mows the yard to fix it for his MIL, now isn't that just AWESOME! That is so thoughtful and sweet. So I do a recovery or restore, I already forgot and it is back up and going. Yea, it didn't have to go to the hospital with its virus!!!!! I know I am a grown woman, but I can't help myself! I have been scrapbooking several hours this morning, laundry and stuff. I am excited to see the new movie opening today in the TWILIGHT series, BUT not so much that I have to go at midnight and stand in line or sit in the theater 2 hours just waiting for it. So see, this "adult" does have some self control. LOL Went with Whitney to the ER yesterday with Paris, got a place on her foot that had a red circle and a white circle and oozing and seemed to be a "hole" in the middle, so I thought maybe spider bite. Turned out to be staph infection, don't know how it started or where she got it, but man you gotta be clean and careful with that stuff or it will be everywhere there is an open place in your skin. She had a fever and just did not feel well at all. And then we went to eat at Zaxby's, because the guys were off work by this time, and my little princess barfed on leg and foot, my arm and hand :( poor baby, this morning I think she is already feeling better, Praise the Lord!

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