Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One sad puppy

OH MY GOSH! Did I really stay up till after one this morning playing with this blog?? Oh yeah, and was up at 6:30 this morning, I am feeling it already!!

Honest, can we be for a sec? Do you want to just slap some people sometimes??? Ok I feel better! No more today on that topic! or may go find them and do it! LOL

Couple weeks ago I went to Uncle Loyd and Aunt Leona's 70th wedding anniversary in Wichita. I actually had a great time with my parents, (you know what I am saying here) was delighted to see them after I don't really know how long it has been. Age is really showing on them and Uncle Loyd is not the joker, prankster, full of it guy I have always known. But her side of the family was there, the ones they always stayed with in Arkansas, and all the memories they have together made me very sad for our dysfunctional family. I mean, really why would they have wanted to stay with my grandparents?? They always came to see us at least for a few hours, and I don't think they even visited with any of the rest of the clan at all!

My Mother, even though it was her in laws, always made them feel welcome in our home, that is why they came to our home. That is why family on either side, when in town, stayed with us, or at least came by to visit, is hospitality is a gift from God? I hope I have received this gift, and learned from my mother in this area.

So the sadness is knowing what I have missed with them and with my immediate family because of people not knowing that after our relationship with Jesus Christ, our family is very important, and good memories are needed so badly when you get older. So my point is this:

People are the only "things" we can take to heaven with us, not your money, career, fancy cars, boats, big homes, our "standing in this life", etc.....I want my family and people I love to know that I love them and want to spend eternity in Heaven with them!!

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